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The emacadamia Logo

Our logo embraces: 

the shape of  the macadamia kernel,


the Taranaki environment -
mountain to sea,


Mt Taranaki,


Highway 45 – The Surf Highway,


the Koru.


A Koru,
represents the fern frond as it opens bringing new life  and purity to the world.

It also represents peace, tranquillity, spirituality, re growth or new beginnings.
The Koru is often associated with nurturing.


Macadamias and all nuts
are seeds, the essence of life.

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Life is what this business is about. We grow, process and market macadamia nuts.  We buy in, process and market a range of other nuts. We are enthusiastic about nuts:

  • they are essential for you, especially your heart
  • enhance wellness
  • energize you
  • enjoyable

We aim to make it easy for you by:

  • visiting
  • listening
  • responding to your requests
  • doing what we say we will do

We are a customer focused business that is innovative, thinking, responsive and flexible.
We are committed to excellence, providing you with products of quality and value.
We aim to build win-win relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust.
You are integral to our business.


Inside emacadamia


Property on Surrey Hill Road Orchard in Taranaki Factory in Taranaki Learn about the history of emacadamia






e Stands For

e energy All nuts are like slow release fertiliser. They help to power your day. They are your energy fuel - fuel for life.

e environment The property is a haven for birds. The beauty of the place, the province and the country is reflected in the macadamias.

e enthusiasm We are enthusiastic about nuts, especially about macadamias. We want to encourage you to look at all nuts in a new way. We provide you with innovative nut textures, freshly made, ready to use, expertly packed to retain freshness.

e excellence Excellence starts in the orchard and factory. It is a mind set and is the aim of everything we do. We provide you with a range of excellent products. These then become the wonderful dishes and products our chef and manufacturing customers make.

e easy We strive to make it easy for you. Find out more…

e electronic and have product details, recipes, and health information plus lots of suggestions about how you can make nuts a part of your wellness programme.

e expertise From bare land to chef’s plate we have developed a level of expertise. We are still learning, developing new products.

e e-sensual A play on 'essential', nuts are essential to good health. Our products look good, smell good, taste good and are good for you. So come on spoil yourself! You're worth it.

e enjoy We enjoy the challenge, the beauty of our property, our family and getting to know and support our customers. We want you to enjoy our products.


When you make a choice, you mobilise vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped. Robert Fritz