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About Emacadamia

Ennovation Ltd trades as emacadamia. We are an established spray free New Zealand macadamia nut grower and processor, based in Taranaki, New Zealand.
We are more than macadamias, we stock and make a range of products from all the tree nuts.
Our specialty is manipulating nut textures. We slice in three different thicknesses, vibrate slices into consistent grades, make pure nut pastes, make nut meals, roast, roast and salt, apply natural coatings such as paprika, make whole nut and nut slice mixes.
We make fresh to order, to our customers requirements. We deal direct with chefs, manufacturing clients and individuals. We are interested in exporting.


We invite you to experience nuts in a new way.

We invite you to think about nuts differently.

We want to provide you with a range of innovative nut textures.

Products that are:

  • ready to use
  • packed to retain freshness
  • of excellent quality
  • made to your requirements

We want to:

  • give you great service
  • get to know you
  • build long term relationships
  • help to build your business

We invite you to become an emacadamia customer.

If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. Thomas Alva Edison