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Auckland Trip and Island Tuna

Island Tuna dish by Chef Ross Birch

Last week on Tuesday 18 October, I drove up to Auckland to visit my parents, introduce our business to new chefs, pop in to the NZ Food Innovation Showcase at the Viaduct Events Centre and to touch base with some existing customers.

Typically these trips are brief and jammed packed with appointments, packaging pick ups and family time. I usually get on the road anywhere from 4.30am to 5 am and am at my first appointment by 10 am.

Auckland was humming with lots of people especially down in the Viaduct Basin. My last visit before I turned for home at 3pm on the Wednesday was to Ross Birch, Head Chef at Snapdragon Kitchen & Bar down the end of Quay Street in the Viaduct Harbour.

Ross has been using our paprika coated walnuts in a dish entitled ‘Island Tuna’ and he kindly cooked me one. Succulent fish, crisp potatoes, soft sundried tomatoes, spicy walnuts with contrasts in colour and texture, it was delicious. Many thanks Ross.

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