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Contact Form and Low Carb Nuts

I find the contact form is very useful. It allows you to quickly talk to us and gives us enough information so we can get back to you promptly. Below is an example of a recent inquiry.

“I have a grandson who has an auto-immune disease and in desperation is about to try a very severe diet. My grandson is 31 with a young family and at the stage of starting his own business so it is a real headache for us all.

If I can find a way to make or bake him some goodies within his diet range it would help. I haven't seen the diet sheet yet but know he is allowed unprocessed nuts, so looking at your range is exciting. I have linked in to your news letter also.

Many, many thanks for your interest.”

In response l looked up the low carbohydrate rated nuts and sent through websites with more information. We also sent through a sample box with examples of slices, nut pastes from the lowest nuts in the range.

So if you need the same information here is an interesting chart.

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 21.
Carbohydrates in Nuts  (1 Ounce)

                                 Cal     Tot. Carb    Fibre     Net Carb
Almonds                  161         6.1g          3.4g        2.7g
Brazil Nuts               184        3.4g          2.1g        1.3g
Cashews                 155        9.2g          0.9g        8.1g
Hazelnuts                176        4.7g          2.7g        2g
Macadamia Nuts      201        4g             2.4g        1.6g
Peanuts                   159        4.5g          2.4g        2.1g
Pecans                     193        3.9g          2.7g        1.2g
Pine Nuts                 188        3.7g          1g           2.7g
Pistachios                156        7.8g          2.9g        5.8g
Walnuts                   183        3.8g          1.9g        1.9g

1 oz = 28.349523125gm


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