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New Products update.

Pecan slices 2.5mm.jpg
Paprika coated walnuts.jpg
Mock Peanut Butter paste.JPG
Cheese Board Mix.jpg

Our product range is constantly evolving as we respond to suggestions and requests from our customers.

So here are the latest additions:

2.5mm slices: A response to a request for a more chunky texture. So we now have 0.8mm slices often called ‘shaved’ by chefs, the original thick cut 1.4 mm slice and this new chunky texture a 2.5mm slice.

These are great for biscuit makers or added to cereals and like the other slices in our range can be unroasted or natural, roasted or roasted and salted.

Remember each thickness can be vibrated into a series of grades - fine, medium, large. The fine grade of each of these different thicknesses of slice, gives you a range of fine to chunky ‘bread crumb’ textures.

Salted slices:  These make interesting additions to deserts and ice creams. Imagine lightly roasted and salted pistachio slices in your gelato or ice cream. Combined with our beautiful nut pastes, these slices enrich the flavour of the ice cream.

Paprika coated nuts: Both our Bar Mix combinations and any of the whole nuts can be lightly roasted and coated in this spice mixture. Visually interesting, moreish, they make a great addition. In fact any spice mixture you would like to suggest can be applied.

Peanut Free Peanut Butter: So many people are allergic to peanuts that we do not stock them. We have specialized in tree nuts. We don’t add salt to our nut pastes unless asked to. We were asked to make a peanut butter but not out of peanuts. So now we have this new addition to our nut paste range: Peanut Free Peanut Butter – a salted product. It tastes great.

Cheese Board Mix:
This is a lovely combination of whole nuts. Almonds, brazils, pecans and walnuts- roasted and salted or unroasted.

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