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In Praise of Daylight Saving.

River view, light on water.
River view in late afternon.
Rangiora on far bank
Rangiora in flower
Lichen on rocks
Fresh water weeping over boulder

Spring has sprung and Daylight Saving has kicked in. This means extra hours of daylight and hopefully sunshine to enjoy our beautiful property.

Once the courier has come to collect our orders we can relax. Other tasks such as cleaning, baiting the rats and possums, can slot in later.

We are off to the river.

Here are some photos taken this week, the end of September.

Things that caught our eye besides the stunning views were:

The native Rangiora in flower. This plant is called the bushman’s friend as its large leaves were used as toilet paper and also as writing paper. They can also be bound like a poultice over wounds.

Lichen and moss on rocks making beautiful patterns.

Fresh water weeping out of the bank. These mossy fern covered banks have a distinctive fresh, earthy, peaty bush smell.

A beautiful peaceful place always changing.

Despite appearances to the contrary, nothing exists autonomously or truly in isolation. All things have interconnectedness. Dalai Lama