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Storm's Aftermath - Orchard Clean Up.

There's still more
Quadrunner Christine used to tow storm damaged trees.
Monster mouth of mulcher.
Fergie tractor and mulcher
Debris piles await mulching.
Damaged tree with prining paint on wounds.
Bill and Kevin feeding the monster.
Big timber, next winter's fire wood.
An example of what wind can do.

Taranaki was hit with another devastating South Easterly storm at the end of April. We lost whole trees and had the hearts and sides blown out of others and holes punched into our shelter belts.

These storms average out as occurring every eleven years. We also had a lot of rain during the winter. The orchard was too wet to take the tractor over to clean up, so our trustee Quadrunner was the work horse.

Bill cut, Christine painted and towed to the sides of blocks. We cleared the varieties that would have the early nut fall first leaving other rows till later. It has made harvesting our macadamia nuts very difficult this season.

Recently one of our sons David, who lives in Melbourne, came over and spent four days with Bill cutting and towing the rest of the damaged trees.

Finally five months later we are able to hire a commercial mulcher and start clearing the piles.

Not only are the branches and trunks a problem but so too is the leaf litter that fell off them. It is still in wet mounds in the rows.

The rats have had a field day living under the debris and burrowing tunnels into which they take the nuts.

Bill jokes that he has been doing “home delivery”, throwing rat baits directly down these burrows. The rats throw them out, Bill keeps delivering the baits back. Bill’s sense of humour helps us keep things in proportion… Another set of challenges.

So now we will hire a commercial blower and try and blow most of the leaf piles out from under the trees and mow them in.

Here are some photos of this weekend’s work. Bill and family friend Kevin.

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. Henry Miller