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Innovative Nut Textures

Shaved or thin cut
Sliced or thick cut
Graded - large, medium, fine
Nut flour or superfine
Roasted or natural
Pure Pastes
Whole kernel, halves, pieces
Bar mixes
Mixed textures
Mixed slices
High quality


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Our nuts are kept in the dark, (no pun intended)! Kept chilled at 7-8 C until…you order.

Then out they come to be:

  • Roasted
  • Roasted & salted
  • Sliced and graded
  • Made into a nut paste
  • Mixed with other nuts
  • Super dried
  • Or packed as naturals, a term that means unroasted.

We make what you require.


We pack in foil bags, 2 litre ice-cream containers, PET jars, pails, tubs.
We gas flush with food grade nitrogen and vacuum pack to seal in freshness.
Chefs we pack to your requirements: this keeps the nuts fresh until opened,
saves wastage and allows you to match quantities to recipes.
Products are made the day they are dispatched.
We courier products direct to you.


Light, heat, moisture and oxygen all degrade nuts. Nuts are like blotting paper they absorb moisture out of the air. Nuts high in moisture go rancid and are prone to go mouldy.

Oxygen is also a major cause of rancidity. Cellophane and plastic bags are not oxygen barriers.

Rancid nuts produce free radicals. Outside of the body, rancid nuts smell like old socks and paint thinner. Inside the body, rancid nuts' radicals, peroxides, etc., can damage cells.

Cold slows the two chemical reactions responsible for rancidity: oxidation and hydrolysis, which are caused by air and moisture, respectively.

The more polyunsaturated fatty acids a nut contains, the faster it can turn rancid.

On that basis, nuts line up this way, in order of fastest to slowest: English walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts. Macadamia nuts are at the low end of this list as they are low in polyunsaturated fatty acids although high in monounsaturated fatty acids.

So the rule for storage is: Keep cool, air tight and out of light!



These are our strength, we grow and process great macadamia nuts. They are GE free, spray free - an all New Zealand product. People keep coming back for more.

Click here for whole macadamia nuts.

Everything we have learnt about them we apply to the other nuts we buy in.

Other Whole Nuts

We do not directly import nuts. We are very particular. All nuts we handle are re-inspected before you receive them. Poor quality nuts go right back to the importer. We do not give you broken bits and dust!

Click here to explore our whole nuts.

Nut Slices

How to use Nut Slices. Thoughts by Christine.

How to start? Think of all the ways we use bread crumbs, biscuit crumbs, coconut, grated cheese and start to substitute.

Breakfast: add nut slices to your favourite cereal, sprinkle over fresh fruit and yoghurt, put into the pancake or fritter mixture.

Lunch: add texture to sandwiches, pita pockets, sprinkle on gourmet pizzas e.g. plum sauce, smoked chicken, camembert and pecan slices.

Dinner: Duchess potatoes sprinkle with natural slices put back in the oven to toast golden. This turns ordinary into gourmet. Use to top potato/pumpkin/sweet potato topped casseroles and pies.

Sprinkle on the top of soup as you dish up e.g. pumpkin soup with a dollop of cream/ sour cream or cream cheese with roasted macadamia or pistachio slices.

Great as an addition to stir fry and curry dishes as a finishing touch. Wonderful in rice salads, adding texture and protein.

Add to bread crumbs when crumbing fish, sea food, egg plant, chicken, tofu; especially when using Japanese Panko crumb. Add texture to batters. Try combining different sliced nuts to make a mixed coating with great eye appeal.

Combine with the nut pastes to make beautiful nut crusts for lamb e.g. macadamia paste and a spike of Dijon mustard on partly cooked rack or loin of lamb with macadamia medium grade slices patted on then finish cooking the lamb.

Presentation: They make perfect finishing touches to a dish e.g. large macadamia nut slices on salmon, venison dishes, a swirl of chocolate sprinkled with the fine grade of roasted nut shake off the excess to give a golden finish to a desert plate…

Deserts and Baking: Add to biscuit crumbs for bases of cheese cakes, add to shortbread and sweet pastry recipes.

Add on the top of home made bread in the same way you would use poppy or sesame seeds, in and on muffins, pin wheel scones, friands, biscotti…

Roll your truffles, marshmallows, chocolates in fine or medium grade slices.

Sprinkle on pavlovas or meringue toppings for a wonderful nutty crust. Add into your crumble mixtures into apple or rhubarb crumble… Yum!

Roll cheese balls in them.

How about lamingtons rolled in a liqueur sauce and then into lightly roasted sliced nuts, medium grade.

Our superfine grade slices make wonderful macaroons. See recipe below.

Gluten free cooking: try eliminating wheat flour using fine grade or our super fine grade which are like a fine meal with your potato or rice flour, this makes for wonderful moist products.

This list is endless, only limited by your imagination.

We make fresh to order, separate the slices into a consistent grade. We roast to your requirements. Gas flushed, foil wrapped ready to use, sliced nuts save you time and are economical - a little goes a long way. Enjoy!

Click here to explore our sliced products.

Nut Pastes

Uses for Nut Pastes. Thoughts by Christine.

Nut pastes are very versatile. They are all pure products with no added sugar or salt.

Basically wherever you would use butter, margarine or oil, even cream you can start to substitute nut pastes for all or part of the ingredients.

Use as a spread on sandwiches, wraps, toast for breakfast. Leave off the butter or margarine and use straight. These can of course be combined with other spreads or cheeses e.g. walnut and maple syrup, macadamia and blue cheese....

To 'jazz' them up for savory applications add Dijon mustard, Thai Chili or Thai Ginger and Chili sauce, fresh grated ginger or a little wasabi, oyster sauce, fresh herbs.... These can then be used as the basis of dips, sauces, spread on pastry straws, used on canapés, put into savory pin wheel scones, filo pastry, stirred into soups... Even use the pastes to create your own mustards.

Use with chick peas and the juice of lemons or limes or similar tart fruit to make hummus and add flavouring of choice e.g. chick peas, macadamia nut paste, lime juice, garlic and a little salt makes a wonderful macadamia nut hummus. Play with this concept add more fluid and whip into mouse like consistency and melt over fish, potatoes. Keep stiff and add tuna, crab, salmon and make pates...

They are great to stir fry with, no oil needed, add vegetables and protein and flavours of your choice and they make a sauce as you cook.

Try them on the base of a pizza instead of tomato puree for a gourmet delight.

They are great in batters especially with fish and combined with the fine or medium nut slices. Scallops, salmon, trout, prawns, oysters are wonderful this way.

Vegetarian dishes are enhanced by using them adding both flavour and protein.

Try combining them with the nut slices and herbs/ mustard/ sauces to make nut crusts on rack of lamb, salmon steaks... Partially cook rack of lamb cover with coating of macadamia paste and finish off.

Then they are used to make ice-cream or gelato. Wonderful as sweet sauces combined with fruit purees, chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger... Use subtly so as not to overpower the nut flavour.

Use in biscuit crumb type bases along with the slices. e.g. cheese cakes, shortbread and shortbread type bases, toppings such as crumbles especially combined with nut slices.

As centers in chocolates, add to Ganache icings or fillings, add to muffins, cakes, biscuits.

Especially good for gluten free /dairy free products.

Dip coffee cup rim in the chosen paste and then roll in the fine of the same nut slice with say a fine chocolate then pour in the coffee, play with this concept with cocktails such as cream based ones.

Use with whipped cream and liqueurs to make mouse like accompaniments to deserts. Pour over poached pear... It is endless!

Basic rule... Use subtle flavours with them or small quantities of strong flavours so as not to obliterate the original flavour of the nut. Try not to add too many flavours ...KISS less is best.

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