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Hazelnuts Blanched Whole

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The hazelnut, cob or filbert originated in Europe and Asia where it grew wild. It has been eaten since earliest times. References to it are found in a manuscript dating from 2838 BC. Fossilized remains of filberts have been found in China dating back 5000 years. They were considered to be one of the five sacred nourishments God bestowed on humans.

They were alleged to conjure up mystical powers by cult members and were also used as divining rods to locate underground water, minerals and ore. They have been used in various cultures as ‘cures’ for ailments.

Today Turkey and Iran produce most of the world’s crop.

Health Information

Hazel nuts contain fats and oils, amino acids and compared with other nuts are one of the best sources of vitamin E. They also supply zinc, selenium, vitamin A, calcium and potassium, and all of the basic vitamin B group especially B5 and B6. Hazelnuts are high in fibre but do not have as much protein as some other tree nuts. Click here for nutrition information.

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