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In Brief

We believe in recycling. Every part of our process we look to use in a positive way.

Examples include: using the husks back on the orchard as a mulch under the trees,

mulching up and using the debris from the April storm as garden mulch, see ‘Storm’s Aftermath” story in News,

using the shell as fuel for friends and family’s wood burning fires, or

as decorative ground cover .

Last week on Tuesday 18 October, I drove up to Auckland to visit my parents, introduce our business to new chefs, pop in to the NZ Food Innovation Showcase at the Viaduct Events Centre and to touch base with some existing customers.

Typically these trips are brief and jammed packed with appointments, packaging pick ups and family time. I usually get on the road anywhere from 4.30am to 5 am and am at my first appointment by 10 am.

Slicing increases the volume of the nut so that a little goes a long way.

In this photo the left side shows 1 kilo of pistachio slices; the right side 1 kilo of pistachio nut whole.

For ideas on using sliced nuts click on the top menu bar- Nut Info, then page down to - Nut Slices.

They are truly versatile and fun to use.

Spring has sprung and Daylight Saving has kicked in. This means extra hours of daylight and hopefully sunshine to enjoy our beautiful property.

Once the courier has come to collect our orders we can relax. Other tasks such as cleaning, baiting the rats and possums, can slot in later.

We are off to the river.

Here are some photos taken this week, the end of September.

Things that caught our eye besides the stunning views were:

Step outside into soft rain.


Look at the small things.

Crystals bejewelled, the world seems softer –




Like all families we celebrate these special occasions.

One of the events planned for the weekend was a lunch for family members and friends at Mum and Dad’s home. This allowed us to have presentations, speeches and toasts, out of the public glare.

Of course our nut products were incorporated into the lunch fare. This photo shows macadamia nut macaroons and hazelnut swirls on the top tier of the stand.

The beautiful chocolate cake is made of Chocolate Royal which uses our macadamia nut paste in the base. It is to die for.

Like most of New Zealand we were kissed by snow on 14th August 2011.

Although we have had frost on very cold mornings in the past, we have not had snow around the house in the 32 years we have been living here.

Cold but beautiful, and followed by sun and rain … mother nature’s magic to inspire us with wonder.

I find the contact form is very useful. It allows you to quickly talk to us and gives us enough information so we can get back to you promptly. Below is an example of a recent inquiry.

“I have a grandson who has an auto-immune disease and in desperation is about to try a very severe diet. My grandson is 31 with a young family and at the stage of starting his own business so it is a real headache for us all.

As we launch our new website it is time to reflect on the two websites we are taking down.

Our eldest son Paul spent countless hours learning to code and then putting up our original emacadamia site. He was in London working as an engineer; we were home in Oakura, Taranaki.

Christine will be in Auckland this week visiting people to show and new line nuts that are processed in a special way. To get in touch give her a call on +64 6 7527 793

Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on. Alice Duer Miller